18 August 2011

The Klezmer Strikes Back *now with more Twitter*

Some of you out there actually followed my blog last summer, "Adventures in Klezmer" (find it here).  Since i forgot my gmail ID (and never actually used that email account) and password, that blog has been left to die and this new one will take it's place.

So.  I'm back blogging?  Why?  Well, as the subtitle says, it's "Mikey's Big Adventure.*"  Nu?  What's the big deal?

Well.  I'm moving to Berlin.  Germany.  As in, far from my home in Toronto.  Canada.  That is my prepared statement.  I will now take your questions.  You in the back with the glasses.


Ah yes.  Generally the first question.  Because.  Many reasons.  As you might know, I'm currently hunkered down in an undisclosed location** writing my PhD dissertation.***  For those of you who have never attempted such an undertaking, it kind of sucks.  It also keeps me from actually playing music (klezmer and more), which sucks even more.  For that reason, I have set myself a deadline of mid-November to finish writing, and will then move to a location that I believe to be more conducive to living the bohemian lifestyle of a musician.  Next question: you with the shirt...

"But why Berlin?"

Well.... if you've read my previous work (the aformentioned blog that can be found here), you'll know that my experiences at klezmer workshops both in Canada and the US have allowed me to make friends throughout the world, but particularly in Germany.  I have also been counseled that in Germany, Berlin is the place to be, with great musicians to play with, and a happening scene.... shirt guy... what do you want now?

"But why Germany?"

Geez man, you're just a one trick pony.  Ok.  I speak some German already, having studied it in high school and university and having spent about 3-4 weeks in Germany and Austria over the past couple of summers.  Also, the Canadian government has an agreement with Germany^ that allows young people (apparently, I'm still considered young) to get a free 1-year work visa for Germany.  Happy?

Ok. So what now?  Well, I'm going to blog here over the next few months as I prepare to go.  Those few months will be puncutated with KlezKanada (next week), and my presenting a paper at the conference for the Society for Ethnomusicology (SEM) in Philadelphia in November.  But other than that, I'll probably blog to entertain myself as I write my dissertation.

Finally, this blog will be new and improved.  Why?  Because I have joined the Twittersphere.  And the Lord said, "Thou shalt Tweet, and it shall be."#  You can (and SHOULD) follow me @KlezFactor.  And yes, I may tweet on things that have nothing to do with music or klezmer or anything that I write about here.

*Note:  You may call me "Mikey," however, I reserve the right to a) not answer, and b) engage in a hearty bitch-slap.

**Usually a Starbucks or similar coffeeshop.

***Due to the simultaneous nature of blogging and writing a dissertation, some of this blog may sound dense, esoteric and academic.  Deal with it, ma bitches!

^Suck it, Americans!

#I'll expect at least 6 lines of talmudic discourse on that particular passage from the Book of Social Media.

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