18 January 2012


Well, today, I discovered one of the down-sides to the vandalism that is rampant in Berlin. 

While I might not have mentioned it before, it's everywhere, and you kind of stop noticing it after a while.... although the bus stop right near my building had the little glass casing covering the map of Berlin smashed last week.

Anyway, this one inconvenienced me much more.

I spent the early afternoon stripping the sheets from my bed, the pillowcases, the covers on the duvets, and packed up my bag to go do my laundry.  The closest "waschsalon" that I've been able to find is a good 15 minute walk from my apartment. 

So, I walked the 15 minutes, heavily laden with bags of laundry and my box of detergent until I arrived at my unattended* Waschsalon.  What do I find?  I sign on the door that says that "due to an act of vandalism" they are closed.

Fuck you, Berlin hoodlums.

*As far as I can tell, no one works there.  The place is all automated.

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