6 March 2012

Much ado about nothing

So, this post is mainly dedicated to my mother who, wonders about what's going on with me if she doesn't hear anything (or see anything in the blog).  Hi mom!

Basically this blog post is about nothing.  Nothing really interesting is going on (since getting back from Prague).  I've moved apartments to a sublet that's much cheaper, bigger, and just a few minutes away from where I was before.  Despite this 4-block change in geography, it's changed my transit paradigm a little bit.  It's a little further away from the nearest night bus, and it's not as close to the S-bahn station at Ostbahnhof (but there is a bus that goes there).  But, thanks to the great transit network in Berlin, it's still easier than ever to get around. 

Incidentally, I was asked to show my ticket again yesterday, which makes twice in over 3 months.  Had I not had a ticket and paid the fine, I probably would have spent less money overall (although you have to show a ticket to the driver to get on the bus).

Aside from that, I've been working.  Revision upon revision of the dissertation keep me busy, along with the writing of a couple of conference papers that will be presented this month.  The constant rewriting is not only tedious, it's EXTREMELY tedious.  The fact that the end is somewhat in sight is the only thing that keeps me going. 

KlezFactor is on hiatus until the bass player and drummer get back from Argentina, and we're closer to confirming a couple of concerts in the summer, although I'd like to be able to say that we've got more than a couple!

So that's about it.  Writing, rewriting, but I'm definitely trying to enjoy the improving weather!  It's been less grey and cloudy lately, so I've been able to get out and run more!

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  1. Thank you for the update. I always want to hear from you.