9 April 2012

(was) Livin' in a HELL HOLE!*

Well, for those of you wondering how things have been over the past week or so, since my return from England, they have been pretty shitty.  Much of the shitty can be traced to the room I was really cheaply subletting at the Circus at Postbahnhof (right near Ostbahnhof).  I figured I had about 2 weeks to put up with the room, and then I'd be back in Canada for a while.  I had "roughed" it before and experienced the 2 minute walk on a cold night to get to the toilet at many years at KlezKanada, so that certainly wasn't a deterrent. 

Basically the room is one of 3 or four small rooms/apartments that is housed underneath the rail line.  However, as I discovered very quickly, while others may be ok staying there, my particular complex of allergies makes it a nightmare situation for me. 

Many out there may say, "allergies?  What allergies?" Well, I'm allergic to most animals (in particular Dogs, Cats, Horses, Rabbits and Rats), as well as dust-mites and one or two kinds of mold.  Since the lack of sleep over in England (particularly at the end of my trip) has resulted in my traditional "lack-of-sleep cold), I was dealing with a cold, as well as the difficulty I was having breathing at night due to the allergies in the Circus Room(TM).  I thought that this would pass, but sadly, it just got worse.  Finally, Sunday morning, I woke up at 6 am, struggling to breathe and went to the aforementioned toilet.  When I saw myself in the mirror, I noticed that I had red blotches over most of my face due to the allergens. 

I decided that I would not be able to continue in this living situation, and put the call out to some friends for help.  Thankfully, to my HUGE relief, the wonderful, amazing violinist in my band, Dea Szucs was going out of town until after I go back to Canada and offered me the use of her place Prenzlauer Berg.

So now, I can breathe a huge sigh of relief (literally as well as figuratively), and recover from this cold!


* if you don't get this reference, go see "This is Spinal Tap" NOW!


  1. Moti, take sleeping pills. I use Zopiclone, never go on vacation without it. Sadly it leaves a terrible taste in your mouth for the next 24 hours, and water and most liquids taste terrible. Still, totally worth it.

  2. My poor baby. Come home and mommy will take care of you.

  3. and you can't get benadryl in Germany.