10 September 2012

KlezFactor videos

Today, I finally got down to getting a couple of new KlezFactor concert videos up on YouTube (see below for links).  Trying out basic video editing software (Microsoft's Movie Maker), the videos taken from my crappy little point and shoot camera came out all right.

Most importantly, I think they really capture the energy that the band has playing in front of fantastic audiences in Germany.

These videos were taken on Thursday, September 6 in our concert at Shakespeare and Sons bookstore (Raumerstrasse 36 in Prenzlauer Berg-Berlin).

First of all, the bookstore is the best English bookstore in Berlin.  Their selection is great, but most importantly, there's a warm, welcoming vibe in the store due to the owners/operators Roman and Laurel Kratochvila.  Also, they serve coffee, tea, and homemade cakes and cookies that are absolutely delicious.

The store has also been hosting events like readings and concerts and serves as a great intimate venue.  We've played there twice now, and haven't had to use microphones for either Dea (on violin) or me (sax/clarinet).*

For the second time, we played to a pretty packed house (although there's not so much room in the store), but the crowd was also very lively, which made it a great time for the band as well as the audience!

So, without further ado, here are the videos:  A special thanks go to Roman and Laurel Kratochvila at Shakespeare and Sons, Manuel Miethe for shooting the video, and finally to Ilya Shneyveys for joining us in "Bapolyer Freylekhs/Freylekhs in Zibn."

Asakh Noten

Bapolyer Freylekhs/Freylekhs in Zibn


* This also shows how sensitive the three other musicians are - Florian von Frieling on electric guitar, Alex Bayer on electric bass, and Daniel Prätzlich on drums.

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